Most refunds on returns are in the form of original payment. If the item is gone onto sale, the amount after the discount will be reimbursed.

For exchanges, the item is returned separately from the purchase of the replacement item. Contact us at or call us at +923111-163-163

Here are the details for various methods of payment.

If you paid with:

A credit card
Refund your purchase amount to that same card.

A gift card
Refund your purchase amount to the same gift card or issue a new gift card for that amount.

A promotional code or discount

Exchange the item for the same style in another size or color. (If you choose to exchange the item for a different style, the discount can't be transferred.)

Rewards points
Credit those points to your Rewards account.

Refunds include the taxes originally paid on the item being returned. If the refund is applied to your credit card, your credit card company may take up to 10 additional business days to post the refund to your account.

If you pay using both a gift card and a credit card, and later decide to return your purchase, the amounts are credited differently depending on whether you return all or part of the original purchase total. For example, if you split a total PKR 1000 between a gift card and a credit card, we would refund half the return to the credit card, and half to a new gift card we would send you. But if you returned only one item with a cost of PKR 600, we would refund PKR 500 of that to your credit card and PKR 100 to a new gift card. And if you returned the PKR 400 item, the entire refund would go to the credit card.