Pakistani Embroidered Dresses - Luxury Festive Drop II

Pakistani Embroidered Dresses - Luxury Festive Drop II

Say goodbye to boring colors, and common designs, as Orient has recently launched its Pakistani embroidered dresses collection. They don’t only illustrate beautiful patterns but also bring out a distinct color blend.

What sets Orient apart is the presentation of luxury dresses that you can opt for at any festival event. Be it your cousin’s engagement, or the formal function of your office, Orient takes pride in bringing out the mesmeric designs.

As we all know that a jacquard and organza suit is one of the riveting options in formal attire, and that is why Orient presents you with enthralling choices in these also!

So, let’s have a glance at some of the entrancing features of Orient’s dresses with the help of different suits.

Organza Suit - Fancy Wardrobe Essentials

As formal events demand something extra, so why not go for zari work this time?

Get yourself indulged in the epitome of elegance with our Organza Mustard Orange Dress. This is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. If you are wondering how then it illustrates entrancing zari all over work.

It boasts a harmonious pattern that gracefully adorns the entire front. Which further creates a mesmerizing allure. 

Moreover, the neckline of this dress offers an exquisite canvas for the best-in-class design. So, step into the world of the best formal dresses for women by adding this ravishing formal attire to your wardrobe.

Aside from this, the accompanying Organza Dupatta exudes sophistication. While the Silk Pant adds luxurious comfort. Not only this, get yourself ready to complement this suit with gold-toned strappy heels.

If you want us to give you some makeup recommendations, then you should go for a radiant look with a focus on warm, earthy tones. You can enhance your eyes with bronze eyeshadow. Don’t forget to add a poppy color to the lips. This will bring out your natural glow. Get ready to enter into the world where traditional work meets elegance!

Bold & Beautiful Jacquard Dresses

Jacquard is one of the most opted, and irresistible clothing fabrics when it comes to the formal event. So, let us introduce a truly stunning dress. The elegance of this dress lies in its depth which creates a hypnotic look. 

Let’s talk about the keen details of this dress. The front of this unstitched jacquard dress has this unique woven design that grabs attention. While the sleeves and the back of this dress also have this special pattern that adds to the charm. 

Moreover, this dress comes with a matching jacquard dupatta which is very long, so you can wear it draped or however you like. And there's a pair of plain cambric trousers too. It is so simple, and a comfortable match with your dress.

If you want some accessory options, then we recommend wearing delicate, delicate silver jewelry. When it comes to stitching the dress, there are many options to choose from. You can choose from a traditional Angrakha style to a more modern A-line style. And with each style, you can make the most of this enticing suit.

A Romantic Flair of Pakistani Embroidered Dresses 

As we are talking about the formal dresses, how can we ignore the grace, and sophistication a mustard yellow suit exudes?

So, let’s elevate your style with our exquisite paper cotton embroidery dress. This dress exudes elegance. And it is featuring a 3-meter shirt that is adorned with a beautiful front.

Moreover, the intricately embroidered Front and captivating Embroidered Border Sleeves are getting all the attention. Aside from this, the back of this elegant suit is designed with plain fabric. Thus, it is creating a perfect balance.

Aside from this, if you want us to give you some stitching recommendations. Then, we would recommend you go for a long A line shirt, with cig trousers. 

This is one of the best embroidered dresses that can be paired with nude block heels for a seamless look. You can also opt for a soft glam makeup look. For instance, go for warm-toned eyeshadows and a nude lip. This will surely complement the vibrancy of the dress.

So, step out into the world of elegance and make heads turn wherever you go.

Get Your Unstitched Dresses Stitched in Your Creative Way!

Let’s discover the joy of turning your unstitched dresses into your own fashion masterpiece! 

You can be your own designer by stitching them the way you like. Try different necklines, sleeves, or shapes like Angrakha or A-line to match your style. Besides doing this, you can add unique touches such as embroidery or special buttons. Mix fabrics for a cool twist. 

So, get ready to unleash your creativity and show off your personalized fashion with your stitched attires. Because it is all about making your outfits truly yours!

Formal Dresses for Women for Summer Sizzle 

With the hope that your quest of searching for the fascinating unstitched dresses for women has come to an end with Orient, we wish you all a happy shopping experience.

These spectacular unstitched suits are all up to bring out your inner creative beast, and play with diverse styling, and designing schemes. 

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