Orient Unstitched Dresses | Summer Unstitched V3

Orient Unstitched Dresses | Summer Unstitched V3

Summer is all about picking up your favorite color, and styling it up in your aesthetic way. And when it comes to unstitched dresses, you have completely got an entire option of stitching it in your way.

Whether you are into long shirts with cigarette trousers, or you like to opt for a 2 piece unstitched lawn suit with a short shirt, we have got you covered. 

Orient has just recently launched its new collection of cambric, and lawn suits that you shouldn’t miss. They illustrate striking as well as soft hues to cater the diverse tastes. Besides having different colors, they also promise to give you the comfortable fabric that you crave. As we all want to get our hands on stylish, as well as comfortable dressing that is why the fabric of cambric, and lawn gives you the confidence that you want.

So, without any further ado, let’s get our hands on one of the best women printed dresses that you shouldn’t miss.

Summer Sizzle - The Spark of Soft Colors

Let us highlight an unstitched 2-piece lawn printed dress from the appealing collection of Orient. It offers a delightful combination of soft orange and sunny yellow hues. If you are thinking of an outfit for a daytime outdoor event, then this suit would be the best pick for you.

You will look so gorgeous if you pick this dress for a spring garden party or a casual summer brunch, as this dress exudes soft sparkle. We would recommend many enticing stitching styles too. Stitch the shirt in an A-line comfort and style. The best neckline design for this dress would be a simple V-neck. It will allow the colors to shine and provide an opportunity for elegant embroidery or delicate lace trim. So, get your hands on this soft colored suit which promises a refreshing and cheerful look. And a perfect pick for celebrating the joys of nature and sunshine.

Geometrical Patterns Capture Every Heart

As we all know an unstitched cambric suit is a canvas of creativity waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. Orient has this fascinating dress that you shouldn’t miss. 

If you are looking for a stitching idea, then we would consider a classic A-line kurta with a boat neck. It will surely add a touch of sophistication to the outfit. Moreover, a churidar or straight-cut trousers would keep up the style with this dress. You can also enhance the neckline and cuffs with delicate embroidery in shades that complement the neon parrot hues for a subtle contrast.

When it comes to the jewelry options, then opt for minimalistic options. You can pair a statement pair of silver chandelier earrings. Complete your outfit with sleek eyeliner and nude lip color for a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary charm.

The Evergreen Black Shade- Opt for Formal Events

Who doesn’t like to wear black shades for any formal, and or semi-casual event? Therefore, Orient caters to your specific needs, preferences, and aesthetics by giving you the best. For instance, this unstitched 2-piece printed lawn shirt showcases the delicate chiffon dupatta. Let's dive into styling and stitching ideas to create a memorable outfit.

Opt for a trendy boat neck or a classic round neckline. You can embellish it with intricate lace or embroidery for an elegant touch. You can consider three-quarter sleeves with embroidered cuffs or go for a trendy bell sleeve design for a contemporary look. 

If we talk about makeup ideas, then you can play with a subtle smokey eye using earthy tones. It will complement the outfit's print. Add a touch of shimmer to the inner corners for a hint of glamor. Besides this, you can opt for a soft, rosy pink lip color to keep the focus on your eyes. A matte finish would work beautifully.

Lavender Flair is the Talk of the Town

Let’s imagine a stylish cambric 2-piece suit ladies suit adorned with a captivating all-over print. Orient has this dress that features vibrant shades of orange and green evoking a sense of freshness. This outfit offers endless opportunities for chic customization.

For the neckline, we would suggest you consider a simple round neck to allow the print's beauty to shine through. Moreover, the sleeves can be tailored to your preference. 

You can accessorize this vibrant dress with gold jewelry to complement the warmth of the orange and green hues. A delicate gold necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings will add a touch of elegance without overpowering the outfit. Opt for this 2 piece vibrant suit, or explore many other captivating options, and get your hands on some best 3 piece cambric suits from Orient’s latest collection. 

Orient’s Pakistani Lawn Dresses 

With the hope that your quest to search for the best unstitched dresses has come to an end, we wish you all a happy shopping experience. Above mentioned are some of the appealing examples of Pakistani embroidered dresses, and printed lawn suits. You can get your hands on these outfits, and get them stitched in your creative & aesthetically pleasing way. 

So, without any further ado, let’s just add some of your favorite summer suits to your shopping cart, and style them up like a fashion diva.

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