Sunny And Bright Patterns From Our Unstitched Summer Collection

Sunny And Bright Patterns From Our Unstitched Summer Collection

Summer is that time of the year when we see colors all around us. From luscious flowers to vibrant dresses, it's a parade of colors. And the best example of that are unstitched Pakistani suits. With exotic patterns and stunning vibes, the clothes are reminiscent of springtime.

Every female wants to look perfect and stunning, which is only achievable with the ideal set of unstitched lawn suits designed to suit your preferences. Knowing the colors that make you spark and patterns that flatter your figure is the key. Thus we bring you the stunning women's unstitched summer collection to choose from.

You can look beautiful and on-trend whether you opt for floral prints or abstract patterns as long as you pick the appropriate colors that compliment you and your personality. That is why Orient has come up with a wide variety of designs ranging from neutral colors to rich boasting tones. We have something for everyone.

Following are some of the hot sellers from our unstitched salwar kameez collection:

Whimsical White Off-Set By Black Tones

White looks great all year, winter or summer. Add in a chunky black print and a hint of red, and we have a winner. This unstitched salwar suit is ideal for keeping it casual yet classy. It has a lovely black pattern around the neckline along with a border for the sleeves and the edge of the shirt. The dupatta has a contrasting black base and white print on top.

You can either go for a short Kurti and boot-cut trousers or switch it up with a long shirt and straight pants, the choice is yours. Pair it with some multi-colored flats and you are all set for the day.

Cool Pastel Blue With Floral Pattern

It's no secret that colors like blue and green make us feel cooler and lighter in summer. In fact, they are a treat for sore eyes. The pastel blue color of this dress will remind you of the sky. The delicate floral patterns showcase the spring, making this 3 piece unstitched dress a must-have.

While styling this dress, put on some red lipstick and silver eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. You will surely make heads turn when you walk out in this outfit. At the price of Rs. 3,990, this dress is surely a catch.

Earthy Green Compliment By Royal Purple

When it comes to styling, unstitched clothes are the best. Why? Because you can style them however you want and prefer. Be it frock style or drop corners, You have the freedom to play around and take it up a notch. it all depends on your taste. With that being said, if you are looking for new additions to your fashion game, make sure you buy this gorgeous piece. This 2 piece lawn suit online showcases a boxy design intervened with purple and soft blue tones. You can buy this classy piece for just Rs. 2,390.

You can get matching trousers or go for the classic white, both will look lovely on this ensemble. Grab a cute mini-sized purse and a beautiful pair of earrings to add some fashion edge to the look.

Raspberry Pink With Mustard Dupatta

Although pastels and light colors are a general favorite for the summer, adding a pop of color to your summer collection can be a good idea as well. And what better way to do that than buying this deep pink 3 piece from unstitched suits online.

Pakistani lawn dresses are usually brimming with style, flair, and vibrant colors. Such is the case with this aesthetic article too. The raspberry pink shirt is adorned with a navy blue delicate floral pattern. There are elegant printed borders around the sleeve and the edge of shit, all tied up with a mustard dupatta. You can buy this suit from all our stores or our online clothing store for just Rs. 2,990.

Perfect for the working ladies to wear in the office with minimal make-up or women who don't like to put on make-up.. Trust us, the deep pink will make your complexion glow even in this heat.

Grab Your Favourite Pieces Now

So there you have some of the gorgeous pieces from our summer collection. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, might we add, there is a lot more from where these came. Similarly, when it comes to styling your wardrobe for the season, every girl prefers a trendy look.

It can be interesting to explore color combinations and wear ensembles you never would have imagined wearing normally. So make sure you browse through our website and shop to your heart's content. And hurry up or otherwise, you might end up missing out on your favorite article. After all, a woman should never compromise on her summer wardrobe!

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