Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces to amp up your Eid Jora.

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces to amp up your Eid Jora.

An accessory is anything and everything that you wear or carry other than your clothes, and they enhance the effects of the clothes that you wear. Whether the effect accessories have is a hit or a miss is largely dependant on your style and aesthetics and just a few golden rules that one must keep in mind.
Women jewellery is an important part of our fashion and inseparable part of our outfits. Its such a lot of fun being your own stylist, mixing and match-ing jewellery with your clothes, jewellery does add glamour and sparkle to your look. Jewellery pieces always make for good accents to uplift solid col-oured kurtis or for ramping up special occassion outfits making you feel simply beautiful and stand out in the crowd.

Stud Earring A pair of ear studs for women are a got to choice of everyday jewellery. They are not only easy to wear with any type of outfit they also bring simplic-ity and elegance to your look. They go flawlessly with different types of attire especially professional work clothes. They work best for all those who prefer wearing minimal jewellery. Because they are compact studs can be worn with ease for longer periods of time.

Silver studs in metallic tone, an unusual square shape with clear white stone detail.

Round studs with a silver base. Pearl center surrounded by diamantes de-tails.

Beautiful floral design in opaque white with hanging diamantes detail.

Golden tops with clear stone detail in the center.
Hoop Earrings After studs one of the more popular styles of earrings for women are hoop earrings. Hoops are a classic for women of all ages and these types of ear-rings have shown popularity across the decades all the way from the 60’s through to the 2000’s. Wearing hoops have benefits that other earrings don't, like drawing attention to your face, accentuate the length of your neck and a classic look that will match any occassion. If you want to go a little bold you can stray from the usual gold and silver hoops towards different colours and textures in fashion earrings online.

Golden Circular Hoops With Stone Details Around The Hoop

Silver Circular Hoops With Stone Details Around The Hoop

Joint crescent shaped golden hoops With matt black bead detail.

Golden loop earring with hanging squares

Very traditional looking ethnic earrings with hanging golden pearls detail.

Same design with a variant in silver

Hanging Earrings Hanging earrings are like drop earrings or danglers. They usually have a small fixed stud at the top and danglers in different shapes, textures, sizes and details. Danglers are a very popular accessory for parties and special occasions because they bring a very dramatic and glamour look to equally sensational outfits. Look for unique earring set to complete your outfit

Golden hanging earrings with pearl and stone hanging

Necklace and Earring Set Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that can never go out of fashion. Summer months are the perfect time to let your neck see that sun and refresh your necklace collection. We have made a collection of must have necklaces.

multi layered chain necklace with detailed charms hanging from it. a perfect necklace for girl friend

multi layered necklace with chains and pearls. The bangle bracelet has golden chains and pearls also.

multi layered and coloured short necklace
Bangles and Bracelets
Bangles are the most popular accessories and something that you would find in every woman’s jewellery box. They are like a fashion staple that never ever goes out of fashion. The versatility of the bangles makes it easy to style with any outfit.

So now that you have an idea of what we have in store for you in our Orient jewellery collection, why wait / head over right now and shop to take your Eid Jora to the next level.

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