Luxurious summer collection for men by Orient

Luxurious summer collection for men by Orient

In a world of glamour, true fashion geeks want to dress up stylishly for all times. Clothing trends become viral in a split second, so you have to be careful of the way you wear your dress. Every year, the fashion industry gives the common man an idea of what styles, cuts, designs, patterns, colours, and fabrics are considered trending. Nowadays, men also want to keep up with the latest men’s summer fashion trends.

Talking about the latest fashion trends for men, there is a narrow range of dressing options when it comes to traditional dress for men, unlike women's apparel. With Orient's latest summer collection of men’s unstitched fabric, you can now upgrade your summer wardrobe. It's a one-stop-shop solution for all the men out there. The collection features high-quality latha and cotton suits in various shades. They are just perfect for all festive occasions and everyday wear too.

So here's a sneak peek into the luxurious men's collection for a crisp and dapper look.

Tabeer- Premium Latha

Fine men are known for their way of dressing. Now bring in some charisma and boldness in your personality with Orient’s premium quality men unstitched Latha “Tabeer”. This opulent white coloured fabric is a staple for all Pakistani men. It is rather considered royalty and ideally worn for all kinds of festive occasions. The latha fabric is the most sought after by men across Punjab, especially for Punjabi kurta pajama and shalwar kameez style. Tabeer is a perfect choice for men when it comes to men’s fashion clothing for a signature look. This article is a 2 piece unstitched Latha shirt and pant fabric that is priced at only Rs. 4590.

Farmaan- Premium Latha

Expand your summer wardrobe with Orient's superior and high-class unstitched men suit fabric, "Farmaan”. This is also Latha fabric but in a different shade of white, i.e. optic white. This article is 7 meters long unstitched 2 piece suit in soft latha. If you are looking for clothing options for an upcoming wedding event or a formal gathering then this will draw everyone’s attention to you. As orient’s men’s unstitched fabric line is quite affordable, this suit is also priced at Rs, 4590 only. Carry yourself with poise and style in this statement outfit and get as much appreciation from everyone around you.

Kalamkar- unstitched Cotton suit for men

A cotton suit is a must-have in a man's wardrobe for all occasions throughout the year. The fabric is always in demand during the summer season as its lightweight, breathable and soft in texture. This is why Orient has also featured this fabric in its latest summer men's clothing collection under the name “Kalamkar”.

Let’s first take a look at the crème off white coloured unstitched 2 piece suit which is a 4.5 meters long fabric for a regular shalwar kameez style suit. If you’re looking for an everyday wear fabric, which does not lose its elasticity and texture, then this has got to be your go-to summer men clothing option. You can easily get a custom-tailored kurta pajama style or plain shalwar kameez as well. This article is currently available at all our men’s clothing stores and online, for a whopping price of Rs. 5890. As men’s clothing online is becoming quite a norm, you can purchase this stunning summer article from our online store too. This will be more convenient as you will receive your suit in 2 to 3 working days, with a friendly 7 days return & exchange facility.

Kalamkar Navy Blue Cotton suit

It is generally assumed by the lot that men’s eastern summer wardrobe is all about whites and pale shades. It isn’t true, and Orient being a promising brand, strives to provide its customers with cutting edge styles and colour palettes. At Orient, our design team has brought forward a fabulous navy blue coloured cotton dress for men. This suit can be worn at nighttime events and is a great option for broad daylight events too. The navy blue colour is best suited for formal gatherings and dinners. for a decent look, add a touch of golden shaded buttons at the neckline and cuffs will make your outfit come together.

Kalamkar Black cotton suit

Just like the white coloured suit, men kurta in the black colour is also considered a must-have. This is why Orient has featured this very particular colour in its premium cotton collection this year. The colour black resonates with luxury and a high level of sophistication. Hence a lot of Pakistani men prefer to buy this shade of colour in cotton fabric. With Orient's classic variety of men clothing such as this one, you will want to buy this suit for yourself or your loved one.

Gift it to your loved ones

Orient ensures to treat its customers like royalty. Therefore, all our men's unstitched fabric is packed carefully in a stylish box that can be ideally used for gifting purposes. Now over-seas Pakistani can gift these luxurious suits to their loved ones without the worry of packaging. They simply have to place your order online and wait for it to reach in 2 to 3 working days. Similarly, you may also send a suit to your friend or relative living abroad in a matter of 3 to 5 working days.

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