Durable Freshness:

Orient has incorporated latest textile protection technology in their fabric that allows the clothes you wear remain fresher,for longer. Technology is effective against problematic bacteria; due to which freshness prevails. Stay fresh with Orient’s antimicrobial freshness treated garments.

Ongoing protection

Ever-Fresh is a procedure which is environmentally sound and a long lasting treatment to textiles. It helps your fabric grow brighter and tougher,enough to avoid wear and tear.

Odor control

Orient has come up with the pervasive quality of odor control in fabrics while using Ever-Fresh technology. This breakthrough technology, provides rapid acting odor control benefit, along with the protection against bacterial staining.


Ever-Fresh phenomenon provides strong anti-degradation, causing excellent resistance to sunlight and chlorine degradation giving the textile,a longer life. It gives absorbency to the fabric which affects the static build up, shrinkage and water repellency.