Summertime Styles With Orient On Special Prices

Summertime Styles With Orient On Special Prices

When it comes to fashion trends, it can be challenging to keep up with them. They are constantly changing and soon the new trend becomes a thing of the past. Similarly, summertime is probably the highlight and height of all the latest styles.

Whereas winter outfits are focused more on their utility purposes such as warmth and durability. Likewise, it is common to see people wearing usually the same long coats and high ankle/knee boots are favored.

In summers, people usually specifically women channel their inner diva by experimenting with different cuts, designs, colors, and patterns. That's why women's clothing sale are the center of everyone. But the downside is that the clothing sale is usually launched at the end of the season and with limited stock.

However, Orient is mindful of its customers and their needs that's why they have bought a wide variety of special discount dresses just for you. You can style these dresses in various ways and look your best.

So let us look at a few of the articles from ladies' clothes sale and styles.

Radiant Red

Nothing makes a girl sparkle as red color does. It makes you glow and look radiant. And this special price dress is the perfect fit for this summer with a stylish pattern and radiance.

You can style it with a long shirt and off-white flared pants for a fashionable look. Pair it with white sandals and you are all ready for a day at the office or a day out with friends. And the cherry on top, you can get this dress in the fashion sale at the optimal price of Rs.1990 only.

Brilliant Blue

This stitched shirt in the shade of deep blue is like a breath of fresh air in the scorching summer heat. The patterns are youthful and minimal, making it the ideal choice for casual wear.

You can style this with cigarette pants that have embroidery on the edge and a plain crinkle chiffon dupatta in the same brilliant blue shade. Wear some flats along with it and a hint of kohl in your eyes, and you are all set to rock your day. This stitched shirt is in the ready-to-wear sale for just Rs 2,390.

Beautiful Black

Black is a timeless color and you can never go wrong with black, winter, or summer. It looks effortlessly classy and fashionable, Just like this unstitched 3-piece suit. It is bold and beautiful with printed motifs and a dramatic contrasting dupatta. The colors are rich and the patterns are eye-catching. Trust us, this is a must-have ladies' summer clothes sale.

You can it tailored with a medium-length shirt and opt for shalwar instead of trousers to give it a different vibe. Wear some hoops and a high ponytail and you will feel cool as a breeze even in the summer heat. Buy this delightful dress for just Rs. 2,990 from clothing sales online.

Gorgeous Green

Summer shopping is all about having plenty of colors and no color pattern can be complete without green. So we have picked a 2-piece unstitched 2-piece embroidered lawn shirt and yarn-dyed dupatta for your wardrobe. The embroidery has aesthetic appeal and the plum chiffon dupatta is light enough to wear without feeling hot during summers.

You can style it with the same shade of deep green color trousers or get fawn-colored ready-to-wear pants. Some open-toe flats and peachy pink lipstick will mesh well with this outfit. You can wear it to a cozy family dinner at home or a night out with your loved ones. Thanks to the summer clothes sale, you can get this suit for Rs. 2,242.50.

Youthful Yellow

Vibrant colors look so appealing and are a joy to wear like this sunny yellow 1-piece printed stitched shirt. It has a broad floral pattern on the border and sleeves. This is so refreshing to look at, thanks to the wonderful design and graceful cut.

Pair it with white straight trousers and a matching pair of flats. Some earrings and a tied-back sleek bun look are just the thing for this outfit. Get this dress at the amazing price of Rs. 2,390. Since it is a stitched shirt you will be saved from the hassle of going to a tailor. Simply buy it and wear it.

Hurry Over Now!

These were a few of the many dresses available at Orient for a special price just for the ease of our lovely ladies. You can use our style tips to elevate your fashion game and look your very best this summer.

If you are looking for more variety then there are many more options you can choose from. Head over to our website and browse through our range from the comfort of your home without stepping out in the summer heat.

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