Spruce up your Winter Wardrobe with our Siaraa Winter Collection Vol II

Spruce up your Winter Wardrobe with our Siaraa Winter Collection Vol II

Cold winter days demand some winter wardrobe upgrades to match the winter clothing trends. Women particularly look for those stitched or unstitched dresses that can keep them warm and fashionable at the same time. Be it summer or winter, your outfit choice portrays your personality and style. You have to stay well-presented wherever you go. Even if you stay at home, always dress beautifully for your loved ones. Good dresses leave a good impact on others. A woman with an apt dressing sense is considered stylish and elegant. Winter comes with multiple fabric choices but linen, karandi and khaddar dresses become everyone's hot favorite. Some women prefer to go for Western styles while others like to stay minimalistic with ethnic wear. No matter what style you choose, it has to enhance your looks and personality. Only exquisitely designed khaddar, linen or karandi dresses can do justice to your style.

SIARAA - Fusion of grace and style

Considering all the aspects associated with your fashion needs, we have recently launched the second volume of our most demanding winter collection 'Siaraa'. It has everything you need to flaunt your style. Defining the vibrant hues perfectly, this collection is composed of 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece unstitched linen, karandi and khaddar suits. With our wide variety of women's khaddar shirts along with Karandi and Linen suits, you will have ample options to choose from. If you are specifically looking for a printed 3-piece or 2-piece khaddar suit with an alluring design, you will be happy to see numerous trendy designs under one roof.

Hot Picks for a Stylish Look

The moment you will see our Siaraa collection, you will fall in love with all the ladies winter dresses at first sight. Every design has its beauty but we are going to give you some striking options from women's khaddar shirts and suits to achieve a stylish look. From karandi to cambric to khaddar to cottel to linen, we have got you beautifully covered. Get ready to witness perfection through our hot-selling designs.

Khaddar Shirts

Working women and university-going girls know how hard it is to select an outfit daily. Properly sorted almirah with excellent choices for winter relieves you from this difficulty. A fusion dressing works best for the office or university. You can get some nicely printed Kurtis stitched and pair them up with trousers or jeans. You can also select a 3-piece or 2-piece khaddar suit if that works best for you. If you want to buy some stylish khaddar shirts online, you have to go through our 1-piece shirts in the Siaraa collection. Presenting you with three different designs with different moods. If you want to stay a bit formal you can go for the maroon shirt, if you want a chic yet classy look, you can opt for the black abstract pattern shirt and if you want to add a pop of colours, go for the light blue shirt with green floral patterns. It is up to you which cut suits your body type. You can go for a long shirt or a short one depending on which style gives you a charming look.

Debonair 3-piece Suits

All the ladies who love to buy 3-piece printed and embroidered unstitched dresses, brace yourselves, because we are going to present you with some fascinating options. A 3-piece suit is a complete option for any lady whose dressing is always on point with the right amount of sophistication and panache. We have an exquisite range of karandi, khaddar, cottel and cambric designs that reflect sheer elegance. From lively to wintery tones, you can buy any design that resonates with your requirements. The intricate embroidery on designs adds more to the grace of our three-piece suits.

Linen Suit

This modishly printed linen outfit can be a graceful addition to your daily wear clothes. It is one of the most demanded linen dresses due to its subtle color and attractive print. This perfect design has been enhanced with neatly done blue embroidery on the neckline. Get it stitched in the form of a loose-fit long shirt and straight trousers for a picture-perfect look.

Khaddar Suit

If we have to choose a color again and again in every season, it has to be black. Black has the power to make you look super slim and glowing. This khaddar 3-piece suit in black is a must-have this season. It has a contrasting chunri-inspired print which gives it a very unique look. Look chic yet decent in this captivating design.

Karandi Suit

Confused about what to wear at a family gathering? Well, worry no more because we have got you sorted with this resplendent pink Karandi suit. This pearl-printed karandi shirt has golden embroidery which makes it a good choice for festive occasions. It has been coupled with a purple karandi dupatta and pink trousers. It will become your next favorite in no time. Bring out your inner diva at a fun dinner night by wearing this suit. It's neither simple nor over the top; it is simply amazing!

Enchanting 2-piece Suits

Are you looking for appealing, up-to-the-minute yet traditional ladies' winter dresses to stand out from the crowd? Our 2-piece suits can help you create a style statement through their catchy hues and prints. These irresistible prints are synonymous with beauty and longevity. Our cambric and khaddar designs will help you upgrade your wardrobe with voguish designs.

Khaddar Suit

Yellow and its shades ruled the fashion industry this year. Indulge in the beauty of this sublime yellow khaddar shirt paired with a contrasting pink dupatta with tiny motifs. This color is best to wear when you go out with friends or family. Get an A-line shirt stitched or try the same cut as shown in the picture to set some fashion standards for other ladies.

Cambric Suit

Another mesmerizing option for our beautiful ladies is this printed blue cambric shirt with an ultra-modern design. You will surely go gaga over it. This 2-piece suit is neither too dark nor too dull. The white and orange geometric and floral patterns blend well with the blue base. It is a true depiction of a strong woman who wants to go higher in life. Get this suit to add an everlasting impression!

Happy shopping with Orient clothing!

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