Our matching bottoms for this wedding season

Our matching bottoms for this wedding season

With winter holidays just around the corner, there's a buzz of excitement and anticipation in the air. Positive feelings have already begun to filter in, and cheerfulness and contentment are two of the most prevalent sentiments in the air. People are getting ready to enjoy summer in full force, but there's one thing missing from the festivities: the perfect winter wedding wardrobe.

One aspect of your wedding season wardrobe that should be ideal for the approaching festivities is your clothing. What's more, guess what? You no longer have to be concerned since Orient has you covered! The Pant Cambric Collection '21 is brought to you by the nation's favorite brand. Ladies, believe us when we say you're in for a treat.

Orient’s Pant Cambric Collection '21 is a mixture of stitched and unstitched cambric trousers made of superior fabric with artistic designs that will make you feel like a genuine diva. The best themes and palettes are included in this year's designs, with hues that lend life to your ensembles and make you the most attractive person at the wedding.

Embroidered Stitched winter trousers womens for Wedding Outfits
You don't have to wait to buy the cloth of your choosing and then find a professional tailor to sew and deliver your much-needed outfit. Ready-to-wear or stitched pants come in a wide range of styles, designs, and patterns. They are up to current in terms of fashion and maybe worn to any occasion or function.

White ladies trousers

White Stitched embroidered pants in a straight style with embroidered accents that is ready to wear. White denotes innocence or purity. Blue was previously a typical hue used by brides to indicate purity, whereas white was commonly supposed to convey the bride's virginity. Cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity are all qualities that white may express. White is frequently thought of as a blank slate, denoting a new beginning or a fresh start. Match this up with your favorite wedding outfit and bam! Your outfit for the wedding is complete.

Black Trousers Women

Embroidered details on straight-cut pants completely ready to wear, embroidered stitched straight pants. To most people, the color black conjures up images of mystery, seriousness, aristocracy, and power. It is a sign of sophistication, business, elegance, and sensuality when worn, yet it also has an overwhelming, even wicked aspect. Black trouser pants for ladies are easy to match with wedding clothes because in winters a lot of us love to wear dark colors and what better dark color than black to complete our wedding outfit.

Beige Pants

Embroidered details on straight leg trousers completely ready to wear embroidered stitched straight pants. Beige is a versatile, trustworthy, and conservative hue that combines the warmth of brown with the calm, crispness, and simplicity of white. It's calming and invigorating, yet it's also considered monotonous and interesting by many. Because it's an earthy hue that's commonly utilized in interior design, it's a color that conjures up images of power and vitality. It's a reliable hue that can be relied upon. Beige is another formal color perfect for weddings in Pakistan. Buy these pants and forget your worries about matching your pants to your outfit.

Unstitched Cambric Bottoms

Clothing that is not sewn is referred to as unstitched clothing. Wrapping them around the body is the most common way to wear them. Sari, lungi, dhoti, dupatta, shawl, and so on. They can also be sewed together to produce traditional clothes. The shalwar is the most common style of unstitched clothing. It's merely a piece of unstitched cloth, not a ready-to-wear garment. Try Orient, an online fashion reduced marketplace with top fashion clothes under one digital roof, if you wish to get real unstitched items from major fashion labels at fantastic prices. They feature a large selection of branded unstitched apparel for men and women from Pakistan's leading fashion brands.

Blue womens pyjama bottoms

The light blue of a midday sky or the rich dark blue of a deep pool of water are examples of blue in nature. Perhaps this is why the color blue is frequently described as tranquil and quiet. Blue, on the other hand, might appear frosty, distant, or even frigid as a cool color. Wearing light blue color to a winter wedding can be a great idea as it will make you look cool and the center of attention. Don’t hold back and shop at orient till you are fulfilled.

Pink trousers womens

Pink is a color that represents youth, good health, and fun. It represents the initial flush of love and the nurturing of femininity. Pink is the iconic hue of the breast cancer research movement, and we associate it with innocence and happiness. Oh yes. How can we forget about pink, the most commonly worn color by women in Pakistan in weddings. We can justify why women love this color because it’s just so perfect. Well no you don’t have to worry about completing your pink wedding outfit because Orient has got your covered.

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