Orient’s top winter pieces from Aayana

Orient’s top winter pieces from Aayana

In Pakistan, Khaddar Suits are available in one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece variations, depending on your preferences. Orient’s Collection – Aayana, contains the best khaddar dresses in Pakistan. Khaddar dupattas may be used as shawls in the winter and as a fashion statement at formal gatherings. To meet the desires of its clients, almost all fashion and textile businesses in Pakistan release khaddar collections each winter season. Khaddar is ideal for both needlework and printing. On khaddar, however, the color fades to some extent. Khaddar dresses are also prone to shrinkage, thus shrinking the cloth before stitching is recommended. Khaddar dresses allow you to maintain your sense of style while remaining warm.

Khaddar is a heavy, coarse cloth consisting of strong cotton fibers that are used to keep the body warm in the winter. The subcontinent uses this cloth since the winters are not as harsh as they are on the western continents. Khaddar will keep you warm while also allowing your clothes to breathe. Khaddar suits are worn by both men and women in Pakistan throughout the fall and winter months. Ladies' khaddar costumes come in sewn and unstitched suits that may be customized to the wearer's preferences.

Down Below you can find the best Khaddar Clothing in Pakistan from Orient khaddar Collection - Aayana Online:

Black Is Back

Black from head to toe is the simplest, chicest, and most failsafe way to wear clothing... plus it's genuinely stylish. Black khaddar clothing, black pants, black shirts, and black shoes are always common in everyone’s wardrobe, and you're unlikely to make severe fashion faux pas while wearing them. Most fashionistas love wearing black you should too.

Black and Gold 3 Piece Embroidered Unstitched Suit Black Shawl

What better color to wear than black on your cold winter days? Yes, we know it’s a very basic color but the styles you can pull of with this suit are endless. It works in both formal and informal events like the black and gold combinations are one of the best combinations of colors known to humans. The positives don’t end here for this suit, this 3-Piece comes with a warm Kashmiri Shawl, Embroidered Shirt and Dyed Pants that make you look lavish and posh from head to toe.

Black and Gold 3 Piece Embroidered Unstitched Suit Pink Shawl

Another Black Beaty for your wardrobe. Wear this outfit to bring out the fashion diva within you. Black is always easy to wear, just put it on with black shoes and bam you are done. Formal or not this suit will make you look perfect regardless. The black shirt with golden embroidery and a pink warm shawl makes these 3 pieces suit the best option for your winter outfits. Get the best suits and Kashmiri shawls online with Orient’s New Winter Collection – Aayana.

Orange Wonders

Orange is a difficult color to wear since it is so bright and overbearing. However, Orient does a perfect job to enhance the beauty of this wonderful color. Great color combinations are essentials to wear orange and with Orient’s Aayana Collection, you won’t ever have to worry about color combinations.

Maroon 3 Piece Embroidered khaddar unstitched Shirt Khaddar Pant and Orange Shawl

Maroon and Orange, can you name any other combination as good as this one? The color combination complements the embroidered perfectly. We all know how fancy embroidered clothes are but the best thing about this clothing is that the fanciness is not overpowering, it makes you look elegant yet funky due to the color. Orange Warm Shawl with Maroon Pants and Maroon shirt dresses for women, get them while you can so you don’t have to miss out on this lovely outfit.

Orange Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered clothing

Winter dresses for women are all about looking good while feeling cozy, warm and comfortable. What better way to look good and comfortable if not this beautiful outfit? The complex embroidered shirt and plain pants go amazingly well together and the black shawl takes the cake for comfort and looks. Stay warm this winter with Orient’s Aayana collection and look stunning while doing so.

Red Beauty

Red is the color that provokes the most emotions in color psychology. Red is the hottest and most emotive hue, whereas calmer colors like green and blue are often considered quiet and relaxing. This vibrant hue has greater psychological and emotional resonance than any other in the spectrum. Passion, love, power, confidence, and rage are all connected with the color red.

Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered Khaddar Shirt Pant and Jacquard Shawl Dupatta

This is one of the most premium suits within the Aayana Collection by Orient. The red-colored shirt and pants are perfectly in sync with intricate embroidery and a warm high-quality Black Shawl. Weddings, get-togethers and whatever event you can think of, this outfit will work wonders for you.

Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered Khaddar Shirt Khaddar Pant and Khaddar Dupatta

Who says elegance and comfort can’t come in one package? This beautiful dress is the perfect example of comfort and beauty. Master Crafted Embroidery on the shirt and Warm Shawl with matching Pants radiates elegance and beauty everywhere you go.

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