Miray - Orient’s magical cambric collection 2022

Miray - Orient’s magical cambric collection 2022

Dressing up for the inter-mix weather is as tricky as for extreme weather conditions. You’re always stuck in the dilemma of too hot or too cold. Luckily, several clothing brands have now come up with a clothing range specifically for the changing weather period and Orient happens to be one of them. The most sought after fabrics for these months are cambric lawn, cotton, cottel, silk, chiffon, crepe, and georgette. Most brands and Orient likewise launches it mid-summer edition featuring the cambric collection as women find the fabric comfortable, long lasting, and durable for the current weather conditions.


‘Miray” is our latest collection; that depicts the swift change of hot days to cooler days through its colours, mesmerizing prints, and delightful patterns. The collection encompasses our signature prints and colour combinations to dazzle you away.
It’s a mid-summer collection that brings about a myriad of cambric and lawn suits that are fit for all kinds of occasions. So ladies if you’re in a hurry and can’t seem to find a decent dress for this season, then head over to Orient right away!

Cambric pants and lawn shirts

Whatever the season or the weather that prevails, we believe that the new arrival dresses should always be durable and breathable and should be worth the money spent on them. It often gets tricky to choose between ranges of fabrics at a store. Our collection makes it easier for the customers; they can choose from 3 piece unstitched lawn or heavy lawn suits. All 2 and 3 piece lawn suit are paired with high quality cambric pants.

Printed lawn suits

Miray is our printed lawn suits collection that is suitable for all days and events. If you feel like dressing up a little bit for your host-party at home, then it’s an excellent choice since the lawn material will be breathable and help you manage food in the weather without looking exhausted. On the other hand, you can opt for our heavy lawn printed suits for some semi-formal occasions like hi-tea, or committee party with your girls to look just spot-on!
The shirts panels are all about charming and alluring prints and patterns that are not too much in the face yet captivating and subtle in their own way. The lawn dupattas paired with these 3-piece lawn suit are also meant to complement and balance out the look with plain dyed cambric pants.

Casual and everyday wear

There are days when you just don’t feel like dressing up in one of your t-shirts and pajamas, and instead look fresh and lively in vibrantly coloured new style dresses. We certainly don’t mean to tell you to dress up heavily at home while sipping tea from your mug. The vast collection of these lawn and cambric dresses in lively colours will be more than enough to lift up your mood.
Therefore the printed suits are equally good for casual wear and everyday wear as well. You just need to put on a decent pair of footwear with one of these unstitched lawn suits to look a tad bit more presentable.

Dress up or down

The thing with 3 piece unstitched lawn is that you can always add details to the dress to make it look fancier or as per your liking, with custom tailoring etc. If you want to make your suit look more formal and suited for a festive event, then you can add a couple of blingy buttons, some floral or fancy laces on the sleeves, neckline and the side borders. For final touches you can add detailing on the dupatta pallus that would bring out your inner glamour.
On the other hand, you can keep it simple with these heavy lawn or plain lawn suits that are already full of our signature prints and motifs for a lavish look. For a neat daytime look you can don any of the cambric dresses from the collection, and put on some delicate jewellery for a polished look.

Hot sellers Alert!

Here is a glimpse of few of our hot seller articles that are making waves on the fashion street. So hurry up before any of them goes out of stock.

This Moroccan blue coloured 3 piece lawn suit is a hit amongst customers right now. It consists of a digitally printed lawn shirt and dupatta with cambric pants. The colour scheme of the suit is perfectly balanced with white and blue which makes it easy to dress up or down for any time of the day.

This terracotta red coloured, digitally printed 3 piece lawn suit online is also another hit amongst our customers. A colour like this along with subtle prints of the suit makes it ideal to be worn during the day to attract more attention
. The colour selection by the customers has shown that they won’t settle for anything less other than a palette of fresh and sober colours for the upcoming season. So gear up and get yourself ready for a splash of lively colours by our latest collection.

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